Home Wood Lodge


Design a single screen website that displays what Home Wood Lodge has to offer as a rental property, re-inforced with a logo design that portrays the immediate surroundings.

Website design

With this website needing to work within one screen the space had to be used effectively. Large background imagery was the best way to create maximum impact and a quick insight in to what the property has to offer.

The navigation uses bright, confident colours to stand out against the large background imagery. Overlays were the obvious choice to contain additional information, colour co-ordinated with each navigation item.

Small snippets of information were used in supporting overlay captions to be precise and to the point, the bulk of information in a sliding panel that can be closed to allow full view of the background imagery.

Logo design

Homewood Lodge

A sans-serif font seemed appropriate to accompany the modern, clean lines of the property. The use of the pheasant portrays the birdlife surrounding the lodge and making it a silhouette meant that it would work well at varying sizes for print and online purposes.

My involvement

Website and logo design.