Venice Simplon-Orient-Express


Redesign the website of this world famous, iconic train to deliver a stronger impact, improve commercial performance and address multiple device types.

Website design and build

A major factor for the the new build was to offer a great user experience on any device. Responsive design was the clear choice to achieve this, scaling and adapting to the available space.

Image replacement techniques ensure that the correct images are served to the relevant device. The site uses the fantastic riloadr.js plugin, making it possible to serve optimised, low resolution images to mobile devices and large scale, high quality imagery to desktop and widescreen computers. These are all contained and work within the great responsive slider plugin FlexSlider.

A major update of the site was improving the booking sequence. This was achieved by simplfying and reducing the number of steps in the process and importantly making it responsive. Fancybox has been implemented to display videos, forms and galleries throughout the site, keeping the interface clean and clear, calling up secondary level information as and when needed. The minimalistic layout and clear site architecture ensures that users get to the content they need quickly and easily.

My involvement

Website design.

Website frontend development using HTML, CSS3 and jQuery.